Student Ministry


Fun Filled Thursday Nights for Grades 6-12

Get Ready for a Thrilling Thursday Night at Columbia Grove's Student Ministries! Students can enjoy a unique theme each week such as "Banana Night" or "Beard Night", with fun activities until 7:30. But we also make time for spiritual growth, with a short 30-minute devotion and small group time to wrap up by 8:00. Our youth loft above the sanctuary is the perfect place to hang out, with a foosball table, games, comfy seating, and snacks on hand. Join us Thursday nights for fun, faith, and community!

Embracing Multigenerational Ministry

At Columbia Grove, we are intentionally multigenerational and believe in the importance of having all members, including our teens, fully involved in the life of the church. Our students can be a part of a variety of ministry, outreach, and worship teams including Sunday morning services, bringing their unique perspectives, energy, and talents. We believe that when all generations work together, we create a stronger, more vibrant church.

Building Faith Through Cascades Camp and Conference CEnter

We understand the transformative power of camping ministry and are highly involved with the Cascades Camp and Conference Center. We encourage our teens to attend camp and grow in their faith, and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone. We offer scholarships and often provide rides to help get our teens to camp. Through this experience, they will develop leadership skills, form lifelong friendships, and deepen their relationship with God. If you're interested in learning more, visit the Cascades Camp and Conference Center website by clicking the button below.