Message Notes

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Jesus Alone is Worthy

Discussion Questions:

Where is it written?

Read Revelation 5

  • What did John hear - then what did John see?
  • How was what he saw different from what he might have expected?
  • Why is the Lamb uniquely worthy to open the scroll?
  • What did the Lamb's death accomplish? (See verses 9 & 10)
  • How do the living creatures, the angels, then all creatures do in response to the Lamb?

How goes your walk?

  • How does Jesus' sacrifice cause you to think differently about greatness? 
  • How do you worship Jesus?
  • What holds you back from worshipping more?

Biblical Symbols in This Passage:

  • 7 = Completion/ Perfection (7 days in a week)
  • 12 = Authority / Perfection (12 Tribes, 12 Apostles, 12 loaves etc.)

See Isaiah 6 and Ezekial 1 for previous throneroom visions.

Some commentators believe the three non-human-faced creatures symbolize the leaders within the animal world. The lion (king of wild animals). The ox (king of domesticated animals). The eagle (king of the birds).  


  • Values Throughout Our Study of Revelation:
  • Expect literal future fulfillment. But be careful about predictions!
  • Look for past fulfillment.
  • Look for timeless biblical symbols, truths, and principles.
  • Be teachable.

Series Challenges:

  • Read Revelation (Bonus - Read Daniel 7-12)
  • Develop and Deepen a Christian Worldview
  • Focus on the Finish Line (Memorize Revelation 21:1-4, 22:1-5)