Staff & Leadership Team

Say hello to the Staff and Leadership Team at Columbia Grove.

Meet our staff

Say hello to the staff at Columbia Grove.

Andrew Thompson - Senior Pastor

Andrew Thompson helped start Columbia Grove in 2004. Since then, he has served as Columbia Grove's senior pastor. Andrew is married to his wife of 24+ years, Anita. They have two daughters, Lauren and Elizabeth. His role on the staff is to serve the church by keeping its congregation and staff focused on the mission, and Biblically inspired to pursue it.

"You and Jesus together are an unstoppable force for good." - Pastor Andrew

Paul Collard - Interim Associate Pastor

Paul Collard  joined the Columbia Grove staff in 2018 as the Pastor of Volunteer Development.  His current role is to lead the many different Ministry Teams, Committees and Volunteers at Columbia Grove.  Paul's passion is to Serve and watch people grow in their faith.  A great icebreaker question for Paul is to ask him about Officiating Football:)

"With God, anything is possible." - Paul

Gayla Toften - Pastor of Children and Seniors Ministry

Gayla Toften develops a team of volunteers who create fun, safe environments for children to learn about and get to know Jesus. She also develops a team of volunteers to care for seniors who can no longer attend church by providing worship services and emotional support at assisted living homes.

Nick Edmonds - Pastor of Students and Administration

As the administrator Nick Edmonds coordinates church-wide communication, scheduling and information. Nick also serves as the Pastor of Student Ministries where he equips students to have a robust personal faith in Jesus Christ by feeding themselves spiritually, sharing their faith, and defending their beliefs.

"Before you go to bed, think of something you did well, something you need to correct, and one way you plan to correct it. Otherwise you're waking up the same person you were the day before."

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is responsible for “building, maintaining and overseeing the spiritual welfare of the congregation and for directing and overseeing all ministries and business affairs of the church.”

Team members are elected by the Membership to serve for three-year terms. Officers of the Leadership Team are decided within the team. The team meets monthly at our church office.

  • Dave Belton – Chair
  • Jerry White – Vice Chair
  • Penny Shea – Secretary
  • George Loveland – CFO
  • Sue Kane
  • Brandt Cappell
  • Susan Letts
  • Debbie Garrow

Have questions? Contact our staff at the church office.